About the Hop Blend


As the name suggests, the Citra® brand of HBC394 hops
is characterized by the very distinct citrus and tropical
fruit notes it imparts to beer. This pungent high oil hop
also contributes notes of spicy and floral. A small nod
to the irony of its noble Hallertau m.f./U.S.
Tettnanger pedigree.

  • ALPHA: 11-13
  • CO-H: 22-24
  • BETA: 3.5-4.5
  • TOTAL OIL: 2.2-2.8 ML/100G

HBC 436

HBC 436 was originally selected for its exceptionally high
alpha acid levels. With time it has become more notable
for its very pungnent piney and herbal aroma.

  • ALPHA: 17.9-18.4
  • CO-H: 26-28
  • BETA: 5.4-6.6
  • TOTAL OIL: >2 ML/100G

HBC 291

HBC 291 resulted from a cross
ont Glacier, which has a noble
aroma pedigree. While the
aroma can certainly be described
in general terms as being "noble
like" it has a distinctly American
twist. Specific sensory analysis shows
aromatic peaks at spicy, floral and citrus
as well as tropical fruit and pine.

  • ALPHA: 11.2-13.1
  • CO-H: 19-24
  • BETA: 5.1-6.1
  • TOTAL OIL: 2-3 ML/100G

HBC 366

Sensory analysis of HBC 366
shows marked peaks of citrus,
tropical fruit and pine with
nearly zero negative attributes.
These descriptors translate
brilliantly into the finished flavor
and aroma of the beer, in part
due to an exceptionally high oil
content of 2.3 - 4.3%. A daughter of
YCR 5 (Warrior®), HBC 366 has good
argonomics and a relatively high alpha
acid level.

  • ALPHA: 11.5-13.5
  • CO-H: 24-26
  • BETA: 3.2-3.9
  • TOTAL OIL: 2.3-4.3 ML/100G


A daughter of YCR 14 (Simcoe®), The HBC 369
hop variety was released in 2012 under the
Mosaic™ brand name. Mosaic™ hops are valued
for their exceptionally diverse aroma and flavor
contribution to beer. A wide array of
descriptors have been used to characterize
this hop including tangerine, mango,
blueberry, bubblegum, and earthy just
to name a few.

  • ALPHA: 11.5-13.5
  • CO-H: 24-26
  • BETA: 3.2-3.9
  • TOTAL OIL: 1.0-1.5 ML/100G

HBC 344

A daughter of YCR 5 (Warrior®), HBC
344 was selected for its exceptionally
unique green apple / tropical aroma. Its
relatively high alpha acid content and
unique aroma make it a great choice
for hop forward beers.

  • ALPHA: 14.5-15.5
  • CO-H: 25-29
  • BETA: 4.5-5.5